SEFS Seminar Series

ESRM 429 Seminar Schedule - Autumn 2017

This seminar meets Tuesdays from 8:30-9:20 AM in Kane 220

ESRM 455 & SEFS 554 Wildlife Seminar Schedule - Autumn 2017

This seminar meets from 3:30-4:50 pm in room Guggenheim Hall, Room 220. Undergraduate students may register for credit under ESRM 455; graduate students under SEFS 554. The public is welcome.

ESRM 429 Seminar Schedule - Autumn 2017

Week 1: October 3rd

"Changes in the Forests of the PNW: Predictions from Climate FVS"
David Diaz

Week 2: October 10th

"Changes in Soils of Brazilian Native Savannah Converted to Plantations"
Jason James

Week 3: October 17th

"Snow Leopards of Bhutan"
Tshewang Wangchuk

Week 4: October 24th

"Adaptive Forest Management"
Bernard Bormann

Week 5: October 31st

"Linkages Between Ecological and Cultural Sustainability"
Phil Levin

Week 6: November 7th

"Establishment and Growth of Planted Native WA Tree Species in Varying Light Conditions"
Mathew Aghai

Week 7: November 14th

"Forestry and Forest Products Industry in China"
Kent Wheiler

Week 8: November 21st

"Forest Structure and Function in the Amazon and Northern South America"
Emilio Vilanova

Week 9: November 28th

"Sustainable Cocoa Production in Ghana"
Lord Ameyaw
SEFS Research Scientist

Week 10: December 5th

"Ecological Forestry in the Pacific Northwest"
Jerry Franklin

ESRM 455 & SEFS 554 Wildlife Seminar Schedule - Autumn 2017

Week 1: October 2nd

"Introduction to Class and UW Crow Research"
Dr. John Marzluff, SEFS Wildlife Science Group, UW Seattle

Week 2: October 9th

"Natural History of Bearded Manakins (Manacus) in Bocas del Toro, Panama"
Dr. Tim Billo, Program on the Environment, UW Seattle

Week 3: October 16th

"Investigating the Effects of Urbanization on Cougar Foraging Ecology Along the Wildland-Urban Gradient of Western Washington"
Clint Robins, Wildlife Science Group, SEFS, UW Seattle

Week 4: October 23rd

"American Crow thanatology"
Kaeli Swift, Wildlife Science Group, SEFS, UW Seattle

Week 5: October 30th

"Migrations of an Ornithologist Across Ecosystems and Disciplines"
Dr. Kara Whittaker, Washington Forest Law Center

Week 6: November 6th

"Managing Wolves in Washington State"
Mitch Friedman, Conservation Northwest, Seattle, WA

Week 7: November 13th

"The Polar Bear Conservation Management Plan: Cooperative management in a changing climate"
Dr. Mike Runge, U.S. Geological Survey, Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, Laurel, MD,USA. Co-chair, Polar Bear Recovery Team

Week 8: November 20th

No seminar this week

Week 9: November 27th

"Fire, Woodpeckers, and Decay in Washington’s Forests"
Dr. Theresa Lorenz, US Forest Service, Olympia

Week 10: December 4th

"Think about it!—the decision space of extreme endurance avian migrants"
Dr. Robert Gill, Scientist Emeritus, USGS, Alaska

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